The available tracks on our websites are measured by our technicians, or by people external of our staff, and sometimes they are digitalized, that means measured using geographical databases on digital maps or aerial pictures.
Whichever might be the elaboration technique, these GPX tracks may include errors due to the used instruments or to the modality of relief or tracing. Moreover the itineraries’ conditions may change during the ages even in a significative way, because of vegetation, snowing, hydrogeological instability, roadworks, etc.
That’s why the traces need to be considered as indicative information, exactly as the information of any topographic map. Especially the tracks have to be used in a very accurate way in case of reduced visibility and bad weather conditions.
It is possible as well that, without us to know it, the itineraries cross private properties, or potentially dangerous stretches because of traffic or for the risks of accidental falls (e.g. canals with no protection, exposed mountain stretches, trees that may fall after fires in forests, etc.)
We invite you to be very careful in case of eventual hunting trips, trying to avoid the interested stretches.
ItinerAria invites everyone might use the published tracks of our App, to be very accurate in reading the information and not to rely in an a-critical way to this instrument.
ItinerAria declines every responsibility due to any kind of problem or accident that might occur along those itineraries.